Mick Fanning – Three time ASP World Champion

“I have known Mal for 15 years as an Australian Junior at the Australian and World Titles. His wealth of knowledge for surfing is priceless and he did help me over the times we were together. Most of all he is a great guy with a great attitude to teaching the art of surfing.”

“It would be very hard to find a more experienced and skilled surfing coach than Mal Gregson. Mal has worked with surfers of all levels for many years all the way from first-time beginners to many of today’s World Tour elite. Mal in fact coaches the coaches conducting courses, clinics and accreditation for the International Surfing Association worldwide. I recommend you get onboard with Mal and enjoy the ride.”

Joel “Parko” Parkinson  - ASP World Champion 

“I’ve known Mal since I was a grommet when he was working as the contest director of the Aussie Junior Titles. Mal’s always had a good technical eye for surfing; he knows what good surfing is, and more importantly why it’s good surfing. He was a big help to me in those early days; I remember being really frustrated when I felt I was surfing really well but couldn’t win heats, and Mal would calmly say, “Joel, just hang in there. Don’t go changing everything you do, just have faith in it.” He doesn’t over coach you and put too many things in your head, he keeps it nice and simple which is what surfing should be. When I won the world junior title down on Phillip Island in 2001 Mal let me stay at his house, even though he was off to Melbourne for the night with his wife. It ended up being the contest after party and he is still banging on about how I owe him a set of blinds or something because they got trashed that night. Despite that, it’s always good to catch up with him at Bells every year.”

Norm Innis – Chairman Surfing Australia 

“Mal Gregson is one of the keenest surfers I know; he leaves people half his age in his wake, both in terms of his commitment, and his level of skill. Mal is now a full time surf coach (as well as being a board member of Surfing Australia), and I can guarantee he will improve your surfing – regardless of your current level of expertise. Mal has been one of Australia’s most successful amateur competitors, and as one of the few Level II coaches in the country, is in a unique position to assist you in gaining more enjoyment from your surfing experience. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about!”

Dima Zabula ( Russia ) 

” I live in Bali and went on a surf charter trip in the Mentawai Islands with a group of my friends and Mal as our coach. We had a fantasic trip and I learnt more about surfing in 10 days with Mal than I had the previous 12 months surfing in Bali. Compression, arm movement and creating speed. Mal is super Kruto.”

Richard Porta  - ASP World Tour Head Judge 

“I have known Mal for long time now and if you want to improve your surfing out of sight I suggest you get down to the Phillip Island for a few lessons because I guarantee your surfing will go through the roof because he is so good at what he does.”

John Forster – (  Cronulla NSW ) 

“On a recent Maldives holiday at Pasta Point, Mal demonstrated the correct compression and arm movement for my bottom turns. It was a complete revelation to me and increased the fun factor for the rest of my surf trip.”

Alan Atkins – Vice President International Surfing Association 

“Mal isn’t your everyday local surf school instructor as he has an international side to him as well. On the event side he played a key role in the onsite management of the Quiksilver ISA World Grommet titles in Bali from the mid-80s to 2000. He has also been a manager of our National Surfing Team to ISA World Championships to South Africa and Equador where he has gained valuable insights into team dynamics and training within the event itself. As one of a small group of official ISA Course Presenters, Mal has conducted ISA Level 1 Surf Instructor Accreditation training in the Maldives and Thailand and will be travelling to other exotic surf venues to conduct similar training in the future. I have had the pleasure of travelling with Mal to international events where his experience has been valuable indeed.”

Santiago Di Pace  - Mar del Plata Argentina 
hello mal,how are you? thanks for de tecknick lever 2 help me a lot in the world masters event in El Salvador, number 6 in the grand master ,only need a wave 5 points to final , next year for sure,muchas gracias amigo.

Paula Aquilla – Canada
Thank you for the surfing lesson you gave my daughters, they had a great time. You are a very talented teacher and the experience was vey positive. I am in Australia teaching about the Autism. Further to our conversation about your experiences with surfing and Autism it is important that children of all abilities have wonderful experiences, especially those that have difficulty connecting to the world. Keep up your openess Mal! The children that meet you are very lucky. If you ever need any more information, I would be happy to share.

Peter Parker (Highett. Vic)
“Mal’s lessons were great. My partner kicked backed back at his B&B while I was at the beach. I had lessons on my long board and Mal gave me a heads up into what type of short board to progress too. He was right on the money.”